Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tasty Fail

So, as previously mentioned, I am working my way towards bready perfection this year. As part of that question, last night I attempted to make ciabatta style sandwich rolls. Y'all, this is the kind of failure that makes me want to toss in the apron. The rolls were tasty, but I thought, based on the recipe, that theywould SPREAD and rise...and they just...rose. So they really didn't make a sandwich roll...unless you want to eat a rather tiny sandwich, and due to the the rather crusty nature of ciabatta bread, they dn't actually make very good dinner rolls,s o this was pretty much an all around failure. However, I am not defeated. I will rise again (pun intended) until I get the perfect recipe for tasty perfection. I must admit though that the waste of a fairly large amount of ingredients was extremely cranky making. However, the cranky was mitigated by the production of a very tasty pizza, which I made the crust for from scratch.

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