Thursday, November 14, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time I started watching Once Upon a Time. I got about a halfway through season one. I have this problem, sometimes. I start a series and I get...bored. This happened with Grimm, too. Which is funny. Because I love fairy tales my profile reflects that. I will read any number of fairy tales and retellings, whether they are good, bad, or as is generally the case, just totally mediocre. Sadly, as many books as I read, not all of them are standouts, and in fact, most of them fall squarely in the middle. I suppose this is the case for TV shows, as well.

Once Upon a Time had me captured at the beginning but truth me told, by the time Prince Charming was being hauled in for questioning, my attention was flagging. The characters that had drawn me in were still interesting, but we just weren't spending enough time with them.

Grimm had the same problem. There were some interesting characters - but none of them were the main guy. Unfortunately, I found him about as interesting as watching paint dry. It turns out that no matter how good looking you are, if you have the personality of milk, you're not gonna do it for me. It was very disappointing to me to have Once Upon a Time and Grimm not engage me immediately because they should have been right up my alley.

This happened with Firefly, too. So many of my friends love it and wanted me to love it to. And I like science fiction and I like westerns. I should have been ALL OVER IT. But I could not get engaged with the characters.

By that same token, sometimes I will watching a really not the fantastic show because the characters work well for me. As much as I love Stargate, the early episodes got off to a rough start, plot wise. But the characters, individually and as a group, worked pretty much from the first moment.

When it comes to television, or even books and films. One of the things that bothers me is that lack of characterization. The Anita Blake series is a former favorite, but long about book 7, the characters...changed. Who they were, hwy they did what they did? It didn't matter anymore. It could have been a totally different series. Why build these characters only to throw it away and say "nope! not anymore?"

Be true to your characters and be invested in them.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

You can't fix stupid

So I got sucked into a debate on the internet tonight, like an idiot. I know better, but...he was SO WRONG. So this is just a reminder to everyone, don't get involved with the trolls. Because no matter what, this remains true: You can educate the ignorant, but you can't fix stupid.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This is just a reminder:

Cooked carrots are an abomination.

Thank you, that is all.

Monday, November 11, 2013

I am a lady, not a child. I am especially not a lobotomized child.

...Although it did take me a couple tries to remember how to spell lobotomized.

So here is the issue with things that are marketed to ladies - the assumption that ladies need to be marketed to at all.

I think everyone has seen these ridiculous Bic for Her pens. And they have been soundly (and rightfully) mocked. But although I am annoyed by the idea that I need a special lady pen, that is not what I'm talking about. In this case, I am talking about crap like a cookbook I read recently.

The Meat Club Cookbook: For Gals who Love Their Meat. Y'all. I wanted to like it. I wanted to find some recipes that worked for me (and I did copy a couple of recipes out before I shipped it back via Interlibrary Loan) but...I didn't like it. I found it to be stupid and patronizing and full of tips like how to use a marinade to make a less expensive cut of meat tender because then you could still afford those cute shoes you saw! Teehee. And also how we like pork because pigs are cute and also pink! TEEHEE.

I was making notes as I was reading and after that part my notes read "please die" so there's that.

Listen, I think a  cookbook with lots of straightforward recipes for preparing meat is a great idea. I don't even think a meat cookbook with women as it's primary audience  is a terrible idea because I know a lot of people men and women who are afraid of pretty much everything but a boneless skinless chicken breast. This cookbook doesn't get the job done. The over the top nonsense. The idea that we need a meat club for girls because we can't eat meat in front of men? That's stupid and I hate it.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

no one understands my feelings

People often deplore the use of vague and/or passive aggressive posts on Facebook and Twitter. This is just and right. Those posts are as annoying as crap.

My favorite version of those posts is when they post something like "feeling sad...feeling alone...feeling down" etc etc and then when people rush in to fill their apparent void respond "I don't really want to talk about it." Listen, bud. If you want to keep your feelings to yourself, here's a suggestion: don't post your feelings on Facebook. You are not legally obliged to share every feeling and emotion that you have on Facebook just because it's there.

Similarly, posts that refer to "certain people" who "know who they are." The rest of us do NOT know who they are. But Twitter and Facebook both have the ability to message someone directly. So if you only want to address one person, ADDRESS THAT PERSON. Otherwise, what you are doing is a kind of B.S., indirect public shaming and that is a crock. Be a grown-up and have a conversation, or shut it.

HOWEVER. I want to clarify something for the youngsters. This is not a behavior that Facebook invented on the internet. Back in the days where everyone had a Livejournal, you saw it there. Indeed, even in the days of the BBS, it ran rampant.

Although of course, none of this nonsense was invented by the internet at all. So to everyone who is like "ugh. facebook" just remember Facebook didn't invent this, it just made it easy.

Now get off my lawn.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Bit of a Thor Spot

So tonight I went to see Thor The Dark World. It was pretty good! The theater was so crowded. I do not enjoy crowds. This is why I am a lady who likes small town living.

One of the annoying things was the guy I was sitting next to. He had a wide stance problem. This is where a man's ass may fit in one seat, but that seat is apparently not large enough to accomodate his enormous balls, and so he has to sit with his legs so wide they take up part of my space as well.

Men. Why do you do this? Are your balls so suffocated by sitting with your legs only shoulder width apart that  you just can't do it? Is that really what's going on? Or are you just an incosiderate dickhole who feels like you deserve space more than anyone else?

BECAUSE YA DON'T. Put ya legs together and sit up like a grown up.

Friday, November 8, 2013