Sunday, November 10, 2013

no one understands my feelings

People often deplore the use of vague and/or passive aggressive posts on Facebook and Twitter. This is just and right. Those posts are as annoying as crap.

My favorite version of those posts is when they post something like "feeling sad...feeling alone...feeling down" etc etc and then when people rush in to fill their apparent void respond "I don't really want to talk about it." Listen, bud. If you want to keep your feelings to yourself, here's a suggestion: don't post your feelings on Facebook. You are not legally obliged to share every feeling and emotion that you have on Facebook just because it's there.

Similarly, posts that refer to "certain people" who "know who they are." The rest of us do NOT know who they are. But Twitter and Facebook both have the ability to message someone directly. So if you only want to address one person, ADDRESS THAT PERSON. Otherwise, what you are doing is a kind of B.S., indirect public shaming and that is a crock. Be a grown-up and have a conversation, or shut it.

HOWEVER. I want to clarify something for the youngsters. This is not a behavior that Facebook invented on the internet. Back in the days where everyone had a Livejournal, you saw it there. Indeed, even in the days of the BBS, it ran rampant.

Although of course, none of this nonsense was invented by the internet at all. So to everyone who is like "ugh. facebook" just remember Facebook didn't invent this, it just made it easy.

Now get off my lawn.

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