Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inconsistent Crankiness

Well, the truth is, I have been pretty consistently cranky for the past couple of months, but in ways not suited for a public forum, or rather about things I can't really discuss here.

However, one of the things that has made me cranky recently is basically just a fount of irrational rage. Actually, I'm basically just a fount of irrational rage in general recently, as I recently started taking Depo shots and I am having a truly lovely reaction to that massive influx of hormones.

I have also made the decision, after 7 glorious years wearing the same glasses, to break down and get new ones, because while my prescription remains at a near constant, I have finally managed to put a scratch in the lense I can't avoid looking through, because it's right down the middle.

Shopping for new frames FLAT. OUT. SUCKED. I went to  six different stores and tried on at LEAST 100 pairs of glasses. I do not enjoy this! It is not fun for me!

Y'all, the current styles are not working for me. I have one tiny complication that makes them extra inconvenient. That big thick ear piece that everyone is so into right now? Pushes my hearing aids right off my ears and that sucks. That alone really eliminated a lot of frames for me. Plus, some of the cutest ones didn't have spring hinges. Now, if you are a glasses noob, you might not know this, but spring hinges are ESSENTIAL. You might let yourself get faked into believing otherwise, even if you are an old hand at wearing glasses, but you would be wrong. DO NOT BE DECEIVED.

So anyway, I went into LensCrafters, on the recommendation of a family member. They basically only carry designer frames now, apparently, and designer and quality are clearly no the same thing, regardless of the price tag. For another, customer service involves listening, folks. If you show me four pairs of glasses, and three of them don't match even my most basic requirements which I explained to you when we were getting started, don't then ditch me to go help someone else who you probably also won't listen to.

I then went to the other LensCrafters in town, hoping they might have some options the other place didn't. They had most of the same stuff, but more helpful people. When I mentioned the woman at the other store, they both knew exactly who I was talking about. So here's my question. If your company has an employee who is so incompetent that she can be recognized purely by that incompetence (and, ok, her affection for oversized jewelry, but still) , why is that person still working for your company? Just curious.

Anyway, I finally found a pair of frames that works for me, but my choices came down to retro librarian and old lady, basically. Retro librarian seems a bit literal seeing as how I am an actual librarian, but it was better than old lady, so there you go. Plus they have polka dots!  But man, that was the most hassle ever to get some glasses. And I still don't have them! I have to wait for my optometrist to get the lenses in.

I am revving up for NaBloPoMo so I am going to try to be posting more regular-like.

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