Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can't keep a good crank down.

Well hello there. Been over a month, hasn't it? Sorry about that. Hope you're not too ...CRANKY with me. :) Please believe me when I tell you my silence does not mean the cranky has died. I have been plenty cranky in the last month. Family. Work. HEALTH ISSUES. All of these things have made me cranky. But I know that's not what you and I are here for. We're here for the petty crap that irritates us all on a daily basis (and by all I mean, I enjoy making sweeping generalizations, and seriously, how can this stuff NOT tick you off?).

First off - It is like a bajillion degrees out and what did I do? CAME FURTHER SOUTH FOR A CONFERENCE. It is two bajillion degrees here. WHAT was I thinking? And I was all excited because my hotel has a pool and I was finally finally finally going to get to go swimming. THE FREAKING POOL IS CLOSED. CLOSED. For CLEANING. It's a pool full of water! Dump in some chlorine and call it good - my hair is natural, it won't hurt the dye. Let's go, splishy splashy! And I have no idea if/when it is going to reopen, but either way, it's too late for swimming tonight! BOOOO.

AND. People, my place of work is searching for an employee this summer. We have had a ton of applicants, we've even made some offers. And yet, do we have a new person? No. Unemployed people are turning down this job. What the heck? WHAT. THE. HECK? I mean seriously. I don't get it. Is someone currently paying you money? No? Are we offering to pay you money? Yes? And've decided you want to continue with the previous way of life? Is that because you suck? Yes? Good to know! What is the problem wiht people. How do you turn down a job with a salary you can live on, excellent benefits, in a town with low low cost of favor service or unemployment? I do not get it.

And one final cranky thing for tonight. GOOGLE MAPS. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM, GOOGLE MAPS? First you try to take me through backroads like I'm in freaking Deliverance and when I'm like "no way, man. I don't even play the banjo" you take me so far out of my way I actually crossed over the same river twice. WHAT IS THAT?

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