Thursday, July 11, 2013

Like my camera, my focus is shaky

So, once again it’s been a while since I updated. I’m still cranky, honestly, but I’m kind of bored with writing about it. I definitely want to keep blogging but I’m having trouble finding the focus I need. And I mean that both in the “short attention span” sense and in the “topics to write about” sense. I have always felt that a blog should be…topic oriented. If I just wanted to post nonsensical musings about my life for friends, well, that’s what livejournal is for (yes, some of us are still on livejournal). My interests lay with books, food and exercise and honestly I feel like there are a million blogs out there doing it better than me. My food blog would mainly consist of “and here’s the 300th way to prepare chicken so that it is tasty and not bad for you.” My book review blog, well it doesn’t exist because I am a terrible book reviewer. Honestly. Just awful. Maybe I should do that just so that I can get less sucky at it? And my exercise blog. I actually enjoy exercising but I feel like most of my time would be devoted to talking about how much I hate running, why I don’t do it, and why I am sick of hearing about other people learning to love running. I think they are all lying, BTW. No one loves running. Running is for chumps. Looking back at that last paragraph, maybe the answer is to keep blogging about being cranky, and be cranky about the things I love. I’m much better at reviewing bad books than good ones, at talking about hilarious recipe failures that delicious successes (and no one would expect good food pics then) and my dislike of certain exercises (bicycle crunches, I’m looking at you). If there is anyone out there still reading, please feel free to jump in and let me know what you think about all this nonsense, because if I don’t have any focus, I could at least use a little guidance.

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