Friday, July 12, 2013

they really were good.

Oh good gracious. Well, think today I will talk about soufflés. I always wanted to try making soufflés and recent I purchased a set of four small ramekins so I figured my chance had arrived.

I decided to make savory soufflés and went with ham and cheddar as my ingredients. Now, this is not a post about bad recipes or anything else because they came out beautifully. But I do need to talk about how much better some foods sounds when you haven’t tried them

My soufflés were delicious. The goat cheese and spinach ones I made today were even better – but I am going to tell you the truth - soufflés? They’re just fancy omelets, you guys. Eggs, milk, cheese, etc. Like. They are light and fluffy and delicious fancy omelets. But they’re still fancy omelets? Did everyone know this? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

 Also? Not as hard to make as previously advertised.

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