Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

The cold of winter sucks, but what sucks more is the unreliability of it. It's been in the fifties for three days! tomorrow it's going to be back into the twenties. I've had mad allergies for two days, my skin is so dry I could sand wood with it, and I've had to plug in the humidifier. I keep in the closet, behind the dehumidifier I use for the other three seasons. Sheesh. Winter.

Hello all, sorry I have been neglecting you all over the holidays. I have been reading lots and lots, and that's been keeping me occupied.

I have also been eating tremendous amounts of really bad for me food, which I am sure I will regret eventually, and by eventually, I  mean Monday, which is when my aerobics classes restart.

My friends, I have no real resolutions for the new year. In fact, I resolved not to make any so I could break it quickly and be done. Hope you have as much success with all of your resolutions this year!

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