Thursday, January 13, 2011

The voice in my head is just trying to decide how to search for him on IMDb

Tonight I came home, turned on the tv, didn't find anything on, and flipped over to QVC. I hope you will enjoy this tour through the thought process brought on by the host:

"Man...this guy looks familiar. He kind of looks like that guy. That one guy. The one who looks like Owen Wilson and is in similarly crappy movies but less offensive. Dang. What is his name? I think he was in the Ghost Hunter with J. Lo Hew. Wait...that's not the name of the show...JAY MOHR! That's his name. Dang...he has crazy eyebrows."

And there you go...A sample from my inner monologue.

I'm sorry I haven't been cranky lately. But I am back to work, which infringes on my patience and my naptime, so crankiness is sure to follow.

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