Tuesday, April 3, 2012


SO, life is a bit of a mess right now. Basically, my body continues to treat me like I am the enemy, which includes these crazy  muscle spasms in my back. I can't take muscle relaxants forever...I really can't take them at all, due to my boss frowning on my using the keyboard for a pillow...I''m not sure she minds the napping, but the drool is a problem. So, my dr. finally sent me to get physical therapy, and I thought I was going to go one time and they would give me some exercises to do and that would be it. But NO! It's like real physical therapy! I don't even know! So I've gone for two weeks, and today, they hit the spot. not just the little spots around. The real deal. The source. And I INSTANTLY had tears in my eyes. So ...they want me to go back tomorrow. Good stuff. And they like...made it angry. IT's like my back is the Hulk. Or Chulthu. They've awakened the sleeping beast, at any rate. So if you want to know why I'm cranky? They keep poking spots that hurt.

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