Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Good news, kids! I am back, and I am going to complain about things that I find annoying, Andy Rooney style, and then I'm going to tell you to get off my damn lawn.

So what's the deal with abbreviations on the internet? Or, I suppose, as kids today would say, ABBVS in the INT? I hate this. Like, I get it, you want to LOL with your BFF. Fine. Standard abbreviations and acronyms exist for a reason (and that reason is people are lazy), but there comes a time, son, when you need to USE YOUR WORDS. When I amr eading a website and I have to Google what everyone's damn acronyms mean and it turns out they don't mean anything and the only result is Urban Dictionary suggesting it has something to do with either penises or calling someone a ho', which is frankly, rarely implied by the context of the article or comment in question.

Clearly, the internet is filled with lazy people who don't want to type out whole words and all I have to say to that is I don't care what you want. If you want me to keep reading your stupid blog, you're gonna need to use real words. I know you think you have a rapport with your readers and they all understand whatever you're saying but unless you have planned to never have any new readers, that is stupid and you should quit it.

This is kind of like how Rachel Ray calls extra virgin olive oil EVOO and then has to stop EVERY TIME and explain that EVOO is extra virgin olive oil. If your acronym or abbreviation requres continual explanation, it's a bad one to use, and you should feel bad. Presumably most of you have learned to read and write to at least some degree and you should be proud of that. SO USE YOUR DAMN WORDS.

And get off my lawn already.

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