Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get out the Vote! Or Just Plain Get Out.

Hello, everyone. Today is election day, so let's talk about politics. Did you vote today? If you didn't, you make me cranky. Did you fail to vote, but make the decision to complain about the state of the country  anyway? You make me very cranky. Did you decide to vote based on political ads, your father's political party or Rish Limbaugh (etc) without doing any research or bothering to think for yourself? You make me the MOST CRANKY.

Folks, the good Lord gave you a brain. Let me take this time to encourage you to USE IT. Look, if you vote differently than me, I'm not going to be all yay! you cancelled out my vote by voting for someone I think is a total dick! Well done! But if you thought it out and made your decision based on what you believe, I'm not going to hate on you. But for the love of Pete, at least THINK about it.

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