Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So! It is National Blog Posting Month again! It is also National Novel Writing Month, again! Good luck with that, suckers! I'll be over here, blogging! Today  I am going to pretend to be a follower and actually respond to the NaBloPoMo official prompt "What is your favorite part about writing?"

Well, let's rephrase the question (ok, I am not a good follower, anyone who has ever seen me look at a recipe and go "eeeeh...let's just change a couple things" already knew that). How about we try "What is your favorite part about writing about crankiness?"

I LOVE my cranky blog, even though I sometimes neglect you. I love writing about being cranky because it gives voice to all the stupid, petty, TOTALLY RIDICULOUS nonsense that drives most of us crazy on a daily basis. Let's be honest, most days the stuff that makes "have a bad day" isn't the BIG STUFF it's the stupid small stuff that when we try to explain makes up feel petty for even talking about. But IT ADDS UP. So why hold it in? I love to write about being cranky because it let's me see the funny side, the hilarious side, the "did you see the stink-eye that woman gave me? COME ON." side of it all. If you can turn it into a funny story later, it wasn't so bad after all!

I think we (people in general and women in particular) feel compelled to put on a happy face (and seriously, if one more TOTAL STRANGER tells me to smile...BOOM! POW! RIGHT IN THE KISSER!) and I think that is bull-malarky! It is okay to be cranky! It is better than okay! It is FANTASTIC. Embrace it! Don't push those emotions down until finally that jerk that cuts in front of you in line because he feels like it's ok to run people down to serve his need for an extra straw is what makes you snap! Let' it all out! Embrace your inner crank!

And if you need help...just keep stopping by the cranky blog...I got a million reasons to be cranky and I'm not afraid to clue you in.

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