Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Bit of a Thor Spot

So tonight I went to see Thor The Dark World. It was pretty good! The theater was so crowded. I do not enjoy crowds. This is why I am a lady who likes small town living.

One of the annoying things was the guy I was sitting next to. He had a wide stance problem. This is where a man's ass may fit in one seat, but that seat is apparently not large enough to accomodate his enormous balls, and so he has to sit with his legs so wide they take up part of my space as well.

Men. Why do you do this? Are your balls so suffocated by sitting with your legs only shoulder width apart that  you just can't do it? Is that really what's going on? Or are you just an incosiderate dickhole who feels like you deserve space more than anyone else?

BECAUSE YA DON'T. Put ya legs together and sit up like a grown up.

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