Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Banana Phone

Well, the last few days have been an adventure in phones for me. My phone, now forever known as my PREVIOUS phone was an HTC Droid Incredible 2. It was a nightmare basically from the beginning and the one that is even now laying on the arm of my couch not charging is actually my third phone is less than two years. The first one was also an HTC, although I don't remember the model. It was defective right out of the box. Now, in theory this could be due to the "Verizon Retailer" who sold it to me, and was then unable to activate it correctly. So it was replaced by the first Droid 2. That was replaced a few months later by another Droid 2 after the headphone jack quit working. The charger that came with the replacement was fairly short lived, but I just used a charger from an old phone that fit, because I was tired of screwing with replacements

And as of Monday, my latest and last Droid 2 stopped charging. Well. Sort of. If I hold my mouth just right and tilt it sideways and prop it up it will at least try to charge. Yeah. So you can imagine that this is not ideal. After a bit of fussing and fighting with Verizon I was able to get my upgrade 5 months early (thanks Verizon!) and today I purchased a Moto X by Motorola.

So far, I like it. It surpassed Iphone 5 and the Samsun Galaxy 4 in both battery life and durability tests, and the rest of the stats are surprisingly similar. One thing it did have going for it - it is the only smartphone currently designed and manufactured in the U.S. which I thought was pretty cool!

There are some small issues. It appears to be possessed, for example. Earlier, a small red hat floated across the screen and when I touched it, a cartoon started to play. I was teaching class and even though I muted the phone the voice activation activated and started talking back to me. It startled me so much I closed my browser window that I was sharing. And now I can't get it to activate on purpose. I'll work on that.

But other than the slightly steep learning curve, so far I am very happy. Watch this space for two days from now when I can't get it to do what I want and retract everything.


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