Monday, November 5, 2012


Well, I am trying to get back into the guitar. I took a course in college, which was a mini mester, so it was too much crammed into one short period to have time to master anything. Then I tried, in the last town I lived in, to find an instructor, but the one I tried was...horrible? That seems...more than fair. So I tried to teach myself off and on, but without much luck. I always seem to get to the same point, and then can't seem to push beyond it. I am starting lessons again this week. I work on a college campus and am trading lessons for food with a hungry student. Haha. The student teaches lessons at a community church on Tuesdays, when I can't go, soI am going to give the poor starving kid a meal that doesn't come from the cafeteria, and the student is going to give me lessons. I am excited. And really looking forward to it, so I'm not cranky about that. BUT I have been trying to go over what I do know to get ready and MY FINGERS HURT. And I'm worried I'm going to be horrible and stupid. I can get callouses and my fingers will stop hurting...but I am still probably going to feel stupid.

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