Sunday, November 4, 2012's that guy, but it turns out it's NOT that guy?

Okay. So I'm going to interrupt myself and what I planned to blog about to complain about how many dudes look like Eddie Cibrian. Like, I feel like he's in every single movie now...and then it turns out it's NEVER him. I know he's in movies. I mean, I'm pretty sure I've seen him in movies. He must have been in actualy movies, right? this is not a judgement on Mr. Cibrian, I'm sure he's a fine actor...probably. But I was watching a movie on the Hallmark channel, and thought it was him. It was not him. So then I decided to watch a movie on SyFy, thought it was him. It was not him. So my question is...WHY DO ALL THESE GUYS LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE? Or perhaps what's really making me cranky is not Eddie Cibrian (about whom I have no particular feelings, other than that he apparently looks rather generic to me) and is the fat that movies seem more and more inclined to cast the same generic looking dudes (or dude, presumable it is occassionally Eddie Cibrian)over and over. I get it, y'all are trying to find a generically attractive dude to give the ladies some eye candy. Hallmark and Lifetime holiday movies, I love you, I do, but more Kavan Smith, less Eddie Cibrian...ish dudes? SyFy, if you're just going to give me eyecandy, you can do better. Anyway, again, I don't have anything against Eddie Cibrian...other than the fact that I apparently cannot recognize him. But my point is, variety is the spice of life, and I can't even tell you're giving me variety so like...try harder.

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