Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

So obviously, today's post is about politics. I mean, CLEARLY. Listen, I think I've made it pretty clear what side of the line I fall on, and if you disagree with me, you're wrong, but that's your choice and you have a right to it. But while what happens on Tuesday will either delight me or depress me, what's going to happen every day leading up to it is just depressing me. The political commercials. Oh y'all. I am not even in a swing state, and I am so tired of them...I mean, sooooo tired of them. It's ridiculous. They've done everything except claim that the other one is possessed by Satan and frankly I'm not sure it hasn't happened, I just suspect I just haven't seen that commercial. I admit, I don't watch much network television, so I've been spared the worst of it, but it takes only one commercial for me to go from "I wish this campaign was over" to "dear heavens, I think there's something seriously wrong with these people" and then on to "really, if any of this is true at all they're clearly all maniacs of the worst sort and what on earth have we left our government to?" Which of course, is enough to make anyone cranky, because how ridiculousis this mess? If the commercials are to be believed, this entire goverment is nothing but liars, charlatans and outright criminals. WHAT on earth are we coming to, then? Hyperbole is all well and good, but there has got to be a line, people. And really, it's all this noise...and what does it ever change?

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