Saturday, November 10, 2012


What's making me cranky? How about the fact that I missed TWO DAYS OF POSTING? I suck at NaBloPoMo, but I will try to make the posts up so please don't holst it against me! Meanwhile, people in general are making me sooooo cranky. They are all up in my bidness. I went to "the big city" today and let me tell you...I am glad I'm not a city girl. That's just so many people...everywhere! all the time! ARGH. Parking lots are maybe the worst? Or maybe inside stores are the worst? Or maybe everywhere there are people? EVER? They keep bumping into you, even when you are standing still. And then they are you dirty looks? When they bumped into you! Like, it's not my fault you can't walk, lady. Why do people seem to think they are the only ones who deserve space on the road, or in the aisle or in the parking lot...and therefore, it is YOUR responsibility to stay out of THEIR way? We all have to share this planet. Why can't we have a little courtesy, a little respect, a little patience. And pay attention to what we are doing so that we can be a little easier on each other?

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