Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Curtains for Me

Well, fine, maybe it's not curtains for me. It's certainly not curtains for my bedroom. I have a weird inset window and I have previously hung curtains in my living room with a tension rod that is secretly a shower curtain rod. That worked brilliantly and all, so I decided to get some curtains for my bedroom. The blinds do an alright job keeping the light out, but the insulation on my windows is crap, so I got some nice, insulated, sagey green curtains. I was very excited to get them hung as they would add some much needed to color to my bedroom. Like the rest of my house, my bedroom is an unending paint job of boring apartment beige and I thought the new curtains would break that up nicely. I will never know. I have bought and returned three curtain rods in the last week. Supposedly the pocket takes a one inch rod (I hear you snickering in the back row) but no matter what size rod I get, even if I take it apart and try to insert it from the middle in order to avoid the finials on the end, I cannot get this thing to fit. My mind is boggled. I bought lovely curtans...that are apparently impossible to hang! Meanwhile, my bedroom is call, and the cream continues unabated. Can you blame me for being cranky?

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