Saturday, December 11, 2010

I am going to have to start blogging earlier....I'm so sleepy. Today was a busy day. I hosted a cookie exchange Christmas party, which had two unexpected guests when my nieces ended up coming over. They were supposed to be being babysat by my dad, but he and my stepmom were sick with some kind of food poisoning/stomach flu disaster so I ended up with the girls.  They behaved beautifully. You wouldn't even believe what holy terrors they can be based on their behavior tonight.


One thing that totally made me cranky today? On the way back from an emergency Sprite and Pepto delivery to my dad the girls and I got stuck behind the parade...I had to get permission from the cops to cross the road in front of the parade and get back to my house.Who has a Christmas parade this far  before Christmas? If you want t call this a parade. This would have been the perfect night to commit a crime as every cop car in town was either blocking the roads for the parase or in the parade. One or the other.

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