Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The more things change...

I am so full of things to talk about today! First off, I actually posted every day in November, and thus successfully completed the NaBloPoMo,which is pretty cool! I decided to try and keep going so I am going to participate in something called Reverb10. Apparently, I am supposed to reflect on the year and manifest what's next. And there are writing prompts. Which I may not need, because y'all, I didn't even use half my cranky list. Maybe I can do both? You know I'll never run out of cranky, but it does get a little old sometimes (not often). We'll see how the Reverb program goes, because sometimes things that make me cranky are also things that are touchy feely and self-helpy. I guess I'm not manifesting a positive attitude about that.

Today's prompt tells me to find ONE WORD that sums up 2010. Suck it is two words, so I guess I'll go with patience, instead. This was a year when I needed patience, when I lost patience, when people tried my patience and (I'm sure) I tried other people's patience. I have prayed for patience many times this year, to the point where it's basically just a standing order. And frankly? Patience might be the word of the year for 2011, too. A lack of patience is definitely a besetting sin, for me. This could very well be why I am so cranky.


If I got two words to describe 2010. Those words would be SUCK IT. I am trying to embrace that as my philosophy. I am compelled to be a people pleaser. I want to be loved. I want to be someone that makes people happy. This is actually not so fancy a thing. Sometimes, that means you lose track of yourself in the process. And when those times roll around, it's time to tell the world to suck it. To embrace yourself, and do what you want rather than being manipulated by the expectations of others. If people don't like what you're reading? They can suck it. Do they think your musical taste sucks? They should suck it.

When someone says to you "Oh, you're so brave for cutting your hair like that, I could never do it." and you know that what they mean is "your haircut looks awful, but it's cute you don't realize it," tell them to suck it. Because if you love it and you're rocking it, who cares what those people thing? Love yourself, your look your life and tell the rest of the world to SUCK IT!

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