Monday, December 13, 2010

Let it snow!

What am I cranky about today? It;s not the snow. I love the snow. Snow is awesome! It's the fact that the town I live in still pretending that they don't get enough snow to make it worthwhile to have things like snow plows and salt trucks and basic preparations for snowstorms even though we get three or four decent storms a year, and rain and ice besides, and as a direct result of this reluctance, I surely did tweak my ankle this morning. The sidewalks had been neither salted nor sanded to shoveled (and I rent, so that is, in fact, someone else's responsibility) and since the roads had also not been scraped I had decided to walk, and I couldn't SEE the sidewalk, so I stepped off of it into a drift and rolled my ankle and it's not getting better as the day goes on, unfortunately and frankly, it's ticking me off that it is kind of killing my delight in the snow.

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