Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I believe in compromise...I get what I want....and so do you.

Okay, I am watching HGTV, and I'm fully hooked on that channel in general, and right now Property Virgins is on and the girl keeps talking about how great it is that that house has brand name toilets. Who even knows which toilets are brand name? K...Kohler? Maybe...does Delta make toilets? Can we assume that if they make sinks they also make toilets? Also, she keeps calling her husband babe and I find that incredibly annoying. "Oh, a black toilet. I don't like black toilets, babe. But it's a brand name. I do like brand name toilets."

WHAT?! IS?! THAT?! (That's right. A triple interobang. This might be worse than the bears getting snuggly with their toilet paper.) (It's not.)

Also, I hate the attitude on some of these shows, when they have these couples and they interview them together and separate and when together it's "oh, we have things we both want and things we can compromise on!" and then they get them apart and the woman is all "I'm getting what I want" and there's a little teehee smirk. And the guy goes "she's getting what she wants" no teehee, just a sigh of resignation.

This is SO OLD, you guys. SO OLD IT HAS WHISKERS.

HGTV, you are better than this! I appreciate the fact that you get a lot of diverse couples on. I think that's great. So then why, when you get the more traditional couples, does it revert back to this? QUIT IT.

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