Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let's go the mall!

Or not. Y'all. Last night I was full of delicious food. I went to an all fondue restaurant yesterday and it was quite scrumdillicious. We also went to the ballet....that actually came first. And conveniently, the restaurant was only two miles from the restaurant (the <a href=""> Melting Pot</a> exists in several states, and you should check it out!). It took us 45 minutes to go those two miles. Why, you ask? Because we had to go past the mall. There were a total of three accidents, one of which happened directly in front of us (don't worry, we didn't need to stay and witness, our view was blocked by an SUV) and involved three cars.


Y'all. I know there is only a week until Christmas. And I understand that there is shopping to be done. Well, for other people. I'm finished (neener neener). But honestly? It's time to take a deep breath, and learn how to use the internet. 45 minutes. That's insane! And it's a fairly crappy mall!

Anyway, I hope everyone has finished their Christmas shopping now, because I have to go to Wal-Mart tomorrow to buy tissue. a Fairly nasty cold forced me through my backup supply rather quickly and I can't do without them, especially this time of year. That said, if I run into the kind of nonsense at the store tomorrow as was going on at the mall yesterday? It will be hard to resist making with the punches.

ALSO. What is up with the post office? I was trying to decide between shipping my only two Christmas packages priority vs. non. The difference was only 17 cents and if I sent it non-priority it would have taken over two weeks. THAT IS RIDICULOUS. For people wondering why the post office is failing? See the above. That's as ridiculous as going to the mall at this point. Honestly.

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