Monday, December 20, 2010

Something to Crow About

So tonight I watched the Sing-Off Live finale. While I love the show, there were a couple of things about tonight that made me cranky.

The first thing is that the group I was totally cheering for, Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town, didn't win. I didn't really expect them to, even though they were totally the coolest, most classic sound, they were also the oldest group, with no "vocal percussion" and they were much more interested in using their sound and bringing that to the masses than in adapting their sound to be what the other groups were putting out, which is basically a modern sound with acapella influences. I think the other groups were much more saleable, from the popular perspective, even though I don't think they have the talent of Talk of the Town.

That said, I think all of the groups that made it to the finale were very talented. I was happy to see Committed win, and while I was bummed that Jerry Lawson's group didn't win, I was happy that the Backbeats didn't win. They weren't a bad group, and they had a fun vibe, but personally, I felt that they didn't have very strong soloists.

One of the other things that bothered me was the guest performers. Boyz II Men did an excellent job, as did Ben Folds. Even Nick Lachey made it work, as you might expect from a former boybander, he had was able to hold onto the harmonies beautifully. However. Nicole Sherzinger did not have the vocal chops to hold up her duet with Jerry Lawson. And WHAT was the deal with Sheryl Crow? An entire show about acapella groups and she can't put down the dang acoustic guitar for five minutes? That was ridiculous. If she doesn't have what it takes to sing acapella, get someone who does, but don't ignore the whole entire premise of the show to accommodate one moderately talented hippie dippy chick who can't hold it together. I mean, truly.

Actually, I was not tremendously impressed by the singing from most of the guest stars. In a show when the only music is coming from the people and not the instruments, performers who don't quite make the cut really stand out.

In conclusion, congrats to Committed, bummer for Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town, and come on already, if you're doing acapella, do it and do it well.

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