Thursday, December 23, 2010


I have had a terrible time recently with vacuums. My little vacuum has developed a tendency to overheat and the bigger one got clogged. Not with pine needles, as one might expect, when you are cleaning up after your Christmas tree, but no, it got clogged with little plastic tips you cut off of those popsicles that you freeze in the tubes. Like Otter Pops. The weird thing about this is that I haven't had those popsicles in some months, even though I vacuum at least once a week. Which means these things have been floating around in the tube of my vacuum, waiting for just the right dust bunny to come along so that they could all join up and converge into one massive clog. How is that even possible? It's so weird. I finally got it unclogged, but not before I completely covered myself in dust from the stupid thing. At any rate, At last, I can finally vacuum things on a flat surface. I might even get the little one fixed so I'll be able to clean the stairs again. Until that happens, I'll just keep borrowing my sister's mini-vac.

But the ultimate solution to this situation? HARDWOOD FLOORS.

Rental agencies of the world. Please do away with the beige carpet that forever looks stained and dingy even when new and clean. What is the motivation for this crap? It's horrible. Easy to clean, easy to care for hardwood and laminate! No vacuums needed.

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