Sunday, December 5, 2010

Letting go of Reverb10

Y'all. I think I'm breaking up with Reverb10. The prompts seems so generically "self-help book" that I just can't take it. Today's prompt is "Letting go: Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?"

I didn't let go of anything. Well, I guess I got rid of some old clothes, sorted out some books...meeeeeh.

Here's what I've learned from Reverb10...that I have something new to be cranky about. Hah. Here is a tip: Not everything is a revelation to change your life. Not every moment is THE moment. Sometimes what changes your life is the accumulation of a year, not a bolt from out of the blue that you'll remember forever. Sometimes they thing to remember when you look back over a year is the small joys and the small sadnesses and the small triumphs that make a year, not huge peaks and deep valleys.

So I'm going to look for self-improvement and things to blog about besides reflecting and manifesting. 


  1. that's too bad. I think you would've leant the challenge the acerbic edge it sorely needs. some of us would like to read things by people who AREN'T yoga fanatics.

    anyway. It DID lead me to your blog, which DID make me laugh.

  2. Ironically? I totally do take a yoga class every week. If it's supposed to mellow me out? It's SOOOOO not working. glad you're enjoying the blog!