Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A brief political interlude

I had intended to make today's crankiness about yesterday's political tomfoolery.

I can't do it. Because RAND PAUL, people. I cannot address how incredibly crazy he is without losing my own mind. I will cuss and rave and froth and all for no reason, because you know what? We're stuck with him.

So instead. I will take a deep breath. Thank the people for electing Ben Chandler (d) and Jim Gray, Lexington's first opening gay mayor (it's progress!) and hope that this whole situation will finally light a fire under the democrats butts (or at least encourage them to grow a pair. seriously) and hope and pray for the best.

To those of you who voted, well done. To those of you who didn't? I strongly suggest you don't open your mouth to complain about politics of any nature for the next two years.

I'll be back later with a genuinely cranky post, folks.

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