Saturday, November 20, 2010

The real beauty is between the covers.

I know I just posted but the cranky is burning within!

BOOKS ARE NOT DECORATIONS. Books ARE beautiful. And they smell good. The design of old books, the soft leather covers on some, the colorful boards of others are undoubtedly decorative. I have shelves and shelves full of the books and I consider them gorgeous.

That said. Books are for reading. If you are one of those people who sells, or heaven forbid, BUYS books by the foot, I would like to punch you. I just saw a listing on etsy for a "Dicken's book stack" that they described as "shabby chic" which is stupid in almost too many ways to count.

To choose a used book, I might choose the prettiest cover. This is true. But I would not buy a stack of Dicken's books because they are pretty unless they were also books I wanted to read. There are millions and millions of books in the world. Who has time to decorate with books they don't care to read? Who wants to keep a stack of books tied together with ribbon? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?

I own a truly lovely copy of Hiawatha. It's smalller than average, just about the size of my palm. It's fat and colorful and altogether charming. I do not have it on display, and the only time other people have seen it is when I have taken it somewhere to read because it is the perfect size to fit into my bag.

Buy books to read them. But buying them to fill a space? You'd be better off to have left the shelves as empty as your head apparently is.

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  1. My problem is that I want to read ALL THE BOOKS and I haven't got enough space for the books I haven't read yet. Hahahahaha. Most of the time when I finish them I take them to school for the kiddoz, unless they were a)so good I'm going to read them again and again, or b)inappropriate, in which case I sell them at half-price books in order to get more books.