Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The itsy bitsy crankies went up the water spout, down came the rain and more cranky came out.

Some more small things to be cranky about:

People who tell terrible, racist/sexist/homophobic jokes, and then when you don't laugh, try to explain the joke. I understand the joke, it's just not funny. Explaining it doesn't make it funny.

When my milk goes bad before the expiration date. I am generally comfortable drinking a few days PAST the expiration date. Why is it going bad early? This is crap. I bet it was mislabeled or something. At any rate, it smells like cheese and tastes like puke.

The whole was Shakespeare really Shakespeare thing. How is this still a question. We know he was a guy. We know he wrote plays. So, why the question as to whether he wrote the plays attributed to him. And why the desire to attribute them to either Bacon or Marlowe? They were both famous authors in their own right, and Marlowe is still famous for his plays. If we have that much of a record for them, don't you think we'd know if they wrote these, or that some evidence would have appeared? I hate this theory. I think it's stupid and pointless.

The idea that women can't write good male characters and men can't write good female characters. Also stupid and pointless. Good writers write good characters.

Why hasn't anyone invented healthy fast food yet?  And PLEASE do not say Subway. Subway is the saddest freaking sandwiches on the planet, even if you do sometimes get a craving for them, you know the meat is just old enough to be shady and do you really trust the mayo? That crap isn't healthy. Low - calorie count is not the only requirement for health.

Ke$ha. I haven't heard any of her songs, but if she's so awful, maybe people should stop talking about her and then she wouldn't be famous anymore, maybe?

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