Monday, November 15, 2010

It would be so cuddly....

Today I had a day off, so I was exposed to very few things that make me cranky, but I am experiencing some minor sewing related crankiness. I am in the process of making my first bathrobe ever (not the first one I've ever owned, but the first one I've ever made, yes) and let me just tell you. Problems galore. the fabric allowances were off. By almost three yards. That's a lot of yards, folks. The directions made no sense, and I had to call for backup on them. and I just put the binding on tonight only to find it is too short again, because of the incorrect fabric allowances. Now I have to decide whether to put in a patch at the bottom on both sides or whether to hem it shorter than I had originally intended. All because someone somewhere didn't bother to make sure the instructions were correct. This is a lot like assembling a piece of furniture and having parts left over. As far as you know, you did it correctly, but is it going to dump your TV on the floor when you turn your back because you couldn't figure out where the extra three screws went? Guess you'll just have to take your chances!

Is it so hard to fix these problems? COME ON, WORLD. I am experiencing a snuggly flannel delay due to poor instructions and that is just not right.

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