Monday, November 8, 2010

What Can Brown do for me? Figure out my address, for starters.

Now, I am specifically cranky about UPS today. This is not to say that the USPS is better. And FedEx is only ahead of the game because hardly anyone ships with them. And what did UPS do to inspire my ire? Why, they delivered my packaged to the wrong house. My package full of my sister's rather spendy Christmas present. They left it on someone else's porch! Isn't that lovely?

This is not the first time this has happened. I frequently get packages for my neighbors. And speaking of Fed-Ex, one winter I was home sick with bronchitis, and a variety of infections in basically every part of my head, and I'm pretty sure the Fed-Ex guy stopped even trying to deliver things to my neighbors because he knew I would be home.

I understand that living in a row of townhouses can make the addresses confusing. And I understand that having small building numbers doesn't help the issue. But y'all, taking a wild guess and ditching the package at the first one you come to? IS NOT THE ANSWER. You are professional package deliverers! Figure it out! Stop someone and ask. Use your eyes and look around. But don't just ditch people's packages!

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