Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lead, Follow or Get out of my Way

Today I went fabric shopping. I am a novice sewer, and am just learning some of the most basic skills. I have made several skirts, a few aprons, and with great amounts of assistance, one fleece vest. I have decided that it is time to expand my repertoire, and with an expert assistant (my mom), I have set out to do just that. I am working on making a flannel bath robe (it's the snuggliest!), and am going to try making a pair of workout pants and a pair of dress pants. So today I visited Hancock's Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. Now, as far as it goes, these places are like crafty Nirvana. Michael's only wins me over with it's excellent bead selection. If they would suck it up and start selling fabric, they could have my heart forever. As it is, my loyalties are divided.

What none of these places has over the other, however, is decisive customers. I love a craft store. I can spend HOURS in a craft store. Next to a bookstore, they are my favorite kind of store. But once I'm in line, I know what I want. I do not get in line to have fabric cut and stand there dithering, holding up the line and watching it get longer when I try to decide just how much fabric I need. If I don't know, I hop out of line and reassess. Why? Because everyone in line may be smiling and being patient and sweet, but inside, we're hoping your fabric isn't flame retardant and that you use a lot of candles. MAKE A DECISION.

Don't wait until you're being rung up at the checkout to decide if you really need those 50% off candle holders. The person standing behind you is thinking about braining you with one. Miss Scarlet, in the (Hobby) Lobby, with the candle stick. That's your future.

Don't park your cart in the middle of the aisle while you dither over the pink ribbon versus the baby pink ribbon. Move to one side so that those of us who have a list and a clue can get in, get out and get on with our lives.

And finally, a call back to a previous post where I mention that patterns make me crazy...the one for the bathrobe? gave the wrong fabric allowance. Good times, everyone. Good times.


  1. OMG YES with leaving the cart in the middle of the aisle! And can I just mention family reunions in the middle of Walmart on the first of the month? Lord have mercy, that crap makes me stabby.

  2. I know! Talk to each other if you want, but do it to one side, and let people get through! And I didn't even talk about the time someone pooped in the Wal-Mart!