Friday, November 19, 2010

Turn off your phone and be quiet (and I won't hate you)

Tonight I am going to the movies. Like everyone else on the planet I am going to see the new Harry Potter. This is a good moment to talk about bad movie manners.

Turn off your phone. I don't just mean turn off the sound. I mean TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. We can see the glowing screen as you facebook and text and tweet about what you are doing and it is annoying. If you at the movies be at the movies. Short of waiting to hear about the birth or death of a loved one - it can wait. If you are tweeting about being at a movie while in the movie you are probably doing one of two things. Either posting spoilers (in which case, die) or you are repeatedly posting things like "omg this is so awesome" (in which case shut up). Turn the phone off.

And while I am telling you not to talk on your phone I would like to encourage you not to talk at all. This includes some of my friends who insist on talking to me which 1) I can't even hear them so it's pointless and 2) it's annoying to me and all the people around us. And if you aren't my friend then don't talk to your friends. Basically, whoever you are if the previews have started, shut it. (If you are one of my friends I say that with love.)

And finally. Harry Potter is a children's movie. But it is not appropriate for all ages. Please think about your kids and only take them to movies that they can hanle. And once you get them there enforce behavior standards. Your kid is cute but f they kick my seat, throw their food or scream all through the movie it doesn't matter how cute they are. I will dislike them and hate you.

Have some movie manners and no one needs to be cranky. But I probably will be anyway.

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